Monday, October 13, 2008

Georgia on my mind

On 9/25/08 I flew to Jacksonville, FL b/c my Grandma was in the hospital. My Mom picked me up & we drove the 2 hours to Valdosta GA. My Grandma was at zero percent kidney function & it was hard to see her in the hospital, not too mention my Grandfather has Alzheimers. We are not sure if he really knows us anymore. That is hard. I used to spend the summers with them & I was his shadow. I always wanted to be where he was in the barn, on the tractor or fishing. I'm losing the only father figure I have ever known growing up and it saddens me. You walk on eggshells being careful to try not to set him off. The only person that he is still sweet & kind to is my Grandma. All you can really do is say "it's the disease" it doesn't hurt any less just makes you more sad that the "disease" is stealing the person away from. It was nice to spend time with my Grandma.

I always love spending time with my Mom as we make each other laugh. For example, we were taking advantage of the free wifi at Chik Fil A & my laptop chill pad marked up the table. My Mom told me I better clean it up. I tried with some water & a napkin with no luck. Then I told her "hey I think I heard somewhere that mayo will take off scuff marks" so I ripped off the tab & proceeded to squirt it on the table & rubbed it with a napkin. Sure enough the scuffs came right off. So impressed my Mom picked up the ketchup package & said "what will this do?" we both laughed our butts off on that one! Then the Chik Fil A gal told us that mustard is supposed to take the sting out of a burn! Who knew condiments could be so helpful!

My Grandma was put on dialysis & after 3-4 treatments her kidneys started to function on their own. The day before my Mom & I left she was moved from the hospital to a nursing home for rehab. It was good to see she was better. Sad that we had to leave. My Mom is my best "Gal" friend. She knows when I am sad or upset she can hear it in my voice. If she cries I cry. She gets me. After all she has known me all my life! So today I am thinking about my Mom and the time we spent together in GA. Along with some pictures that she allowed me to shoot!