Sunday, September 21, 2008

White Sands!

This weekend had had the privilege of crewing a hot air balloon! It was awesome & I really enjoyed seeing all the balloons from land & air. It was a great experience & the Pilot, Dave & his wife, Sharon were super nice. I felt very at ease & so did Mike (he's afraid of heights!) So a good time was had by all & Thanks to Tammy & Alex for asking us to be part of the crew!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Salinas Family Makes A Stop In NM!

The Salinas family came to town! I was great to see them all! The kids have grown so much & I finally had a chance to meet the baby, Lily! They are all so cute! They rode into town about 6pm 9/9 & then headed out around 11am the next day. Then they called to tell me they had gotten about 10 min down the rode & the moving truck their friends Jose & Amanda were driving for them had started acting up. So they were still in town. I headed over & after many phone calls & deciding what could be done the Penske company sent over 3 guys to help unload & reload ALL of their stuff onto a new truck. By this time of day they decided to stay another night here in lovely Alamogordo. When they tried to get a room they were all booked due to Transformers 2 being filmed here at White Sands. They ended up crashing at my house for the night & were off the next morning to make up time to get to Vandenberg AFB. I called that night & they were about 50 miles from Phoenix, where they planned to stay the night. They should be in CA by now! LOL!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Studio Time with Kristy

So this past weekend I had a chance to work with a model named Kristy. We have worked together previously & she is always a lot of fun & up for anything! We tried some vintage hats, a parka, & a Red dress! She was great fun to work with! Looking forward to today because my friend Liz Salinas is going to be passing thru with her family as they are moving back to Vandenberg AFB in CA. We are supposed to do pics at White Sands. Should be fun!